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Our Church

   In the beginning of 20th century the amount of Armenian citizens in the city vastly increased. As many of the refugees integrated with the local people, they (the refugees) were expelled from the lands of western Armenia by the Young Turkish Government, who was responsible for accomplishing the first Genocide of the century- The Armenian Genocide

    The life of the community is concentrated in mutual quarters, called to this day 'the Armenian neighborhood', in which within its borders the Armenian Apostolic church is located. The temple is built in the 1610 and is the oldest Armenian Church in Bulgaria.

    Initially, the building's appearance has been very modest- wooden building, with a yard which contains the Armenian cemetery, in which funeral slabs with ancient inscriptions are in the bounds of the rebuilt church.

    Later when the temple was destroyed by fire in 1832 it was entirely reconstructed and made into the building we know today. Since the church was built during the time of Ottoman slavery, it was half dug in the ground, according to the rules of that time. Providently, there were three holed tunnels, leading out of the city borders, for in case there was ever a Turkish invasion. Two of the doors of these tunnels are saved to this day.

    The Armenian Church in Ruse bears the name of the “Holy Virgin”. The temple is unique with her three altars. The Holy table, located in the middle bears the name of the church. There are two more altars- the left one is St. Stefan and the right one is St George. According to the canons, the church has a storehouse, where the baptismal font is located. In the storehouse there is one smaller altar, referred to by the people as “The Little Holy Virgin”.

    According to the people this altar possesses miraculous power. In the church yard the monument in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide is located; and every year on 24 April the priest hold a memorial service for these innocent people who lost their lives in the bloody nights of 1915.

    In front of the Armenian Church, many years ago there used to be an Armenian school named after “St Mesrop Mashtoc” – the creator of the Armenian alphabet.

    One of the most generous donors of the Armenian community has been the Kyumumdjyan family. The Armenian society of Ruse owes the Cultural club “Yerevan”, where till today young people gather together, to them.

    Today the Armenian church- is declaration of a cultural monument. The doors of the temple are open to anyone, who wants to become more familiar with its pure and holy nature.

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